In the WorkshopHints and Tips

Sawing Aluminium
When sawing aluminium, cut a piece of scrap steel at the same time. This helps to stop the blade clogging up.
Finger Saver
Use a small paint brush to clear cuttings when milling. It saves counting your fingers when you have finished.
Junior Hacksaw
Put the blade in the wrong way round, i.e. make it a pull saw. This stops the blade kinking.
Marking Out
A nail varnish bottle, washed out and filled with marking-out blue: a bottle with a built-in brush that stays soft.
Chuck Keys
Never leave chuck keys in the chucks, not even for a second. A second could be too late.
Finding The Edge
To find the edge of a job when milling, damp a strip of paper, stick it to the job face, and move the cutter up to it. When the paper moves, you are there.
Angel’s Breath
For trouble-free tapping, mix one part turpentine, two parts white spirit, and three parts olive oil. It works extremely well.
Chuck Changing
Clean both the counter bore of the chuck and the spindle nose register before fitting.
Bowden Cables
Before cutting Bowden cables, slightly untwist the area to be cut and fill with super glue. Leave for 10 minutes, then cut: no loose strands.
Right First Time
Measure twice, cut once.
Another Finger Saver
Never hold a job to drill it. Always clamp or bolt it to the table.
Save The Shine
When your model is finished and polished, paint it with clear nail varnish: no more polishing.
Drilling Glass
You can drill glass using a masonry drill. Use a slow speed and methylated spirit. Do not use hammer action, or centre-pop before you start.
Storage Trays
Use plastic seed trays, about 9” × 14” × 3”. They are ideal for drills, screwdrivers, small files, storing all those tins, etc.
Protect That Valve
To stop bits getting in the valve on your gas bottle, place an empty tin can over it.